Property Wealth Planner ;
Mentoring realtors
Since 2012

Hi, I’m Daniel Poh

Managing Partner of DPfraternity
Associate Group District Director at PropNex

Committed to Inspiring Change

Hi, I’m Daniel Poh

Associate Group District Director at PropNex

Throughout my 11 years in real estate, I have mentored agents and team leaders, served international property investors, and developed several industry stars. My property job naturally leans towards bringing out the best in people, which I adore.

I found property to address family financial problems and think my adventure has given me insight and empathy for others in similar circumstances.

I remember being lost and directionless as a Real Estate Property agent, Wealth Planner, and Mentor. Thankfully, via my personal path, I have established various sales, marketing, and branding strategies that enable agents and executives achieve optimal and enduring outcomes naturally.

I have consistently won Top 10 Monthly Achiever, Manager, and Yearly accolades in property sales and mentored numerous agents to achieve even better success.

I still counsel for investors and assist them purchase and sell property with a team, while managing a terrific group of over 1200 Daniel Group (PropNex) agents in their leadership and property wealth planning training.

Property Wealth Planner ;
Mentoring realtors
Since 2012

We Groom leaders and Producers

Proven Coaching & Mentorship


Hi, I'm Daniel Poh

Real Estate Investment Guidance and Financial Planning

Getting to know my clients’ wants and goals is more important to me as a realtor than making a sale, therefore I promise to always give them my honest opinion and only suggest properties that fit their budget and lifestyle.

As a mentor in the real estate industry for handling Property Weather Planner, Real Estate Investment, and Financial Planning, I did all I could to help my team, clients, and colleagues grow as real estate consultants under my watchful eye.


Proven Coaching & Mentorship


We may go far to make an impression. We need to get close for maximum effect.

I take the time to talk to my agents and customers face-to-face in order to learn about their problems and provide solutions. Sessions may be as simple in a few minutes and hours as pointing them in the right direction, or as in-depth as helping them go inside themselves for the answers to life’s most perplexing questions. Several of them have found more success in their careers and financial endeavors as a direct consequence of these meetings.
3) Become part of a successful team or agent


Always Strive to Improve and Change

You may achieve even more impressive results in sales and team building with the aid of my tried and true approach to mentoring top real estate agents.

An effective sales strategy is a process that, when followed regularly, yields observable results.

The difficulty lies not merely in directing someone to follow the procedures, but in assisting them in realizing their full potential.


We can go far if it means more to you. To have an effect, we need to be close.

I take the time to talk with my agents and customers face-to-face to learn about their problems and provide solutions they can grasp. Coaching sessions may be as simple as pointing people in the right direction, or as difficult as helping them dig deep into their own values and beliefs to uncover the truth. Several participants have reported enhanced professional and financial success as a direct consequence of these meetings.



Demonstrating exemplary behavior is the singular approach to effective leadership.

You can strengthen your leadership skills and advance your career in team building within Singapore’s real estate market with the help of my tried-and-true strategy for creating leaders and high-performing real estate agents.

Sales people typically receive training on how to be successful in their positions but rarely on how to run or operate a firm.

I can offer you specialized advice for methodically growing your business through the development of a strong brand and efficient lead-generation channels. Over time, this strategy may provide you with prospects for passive income and a strategic advantage.



What Clients and Colleagues say about

– Daniel Poh – 
  • Daniel Poh is not just a real estate agent, he’s a miracle worker! Dan Poh managed to sell my property within a week of listing it, for a price that exceeded my expectations. He’s knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend him!

    Best Skills for a Successful Real Estate Agent

    Wing Lee

    Property Buyer
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daniel Poh on multiple occasions and he never fails to amaze me. He’s extremely responsive and always goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients are satisfied. If you’re looking for a real estate agent who is trustworthy and reliable, Daniel is your guy!
    Why You Should Consider Joining the Real Estate Industry

    Hui Min

    Property Investor
  • Daniel Poh is a rare find in the real estate industry. He’s not just interested in making a quick sale – he genuinely cares about his clients and their needs. He takes the time to understand your situation and provides personalized advice that is tailored to your unique circumstances. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell property.
    Which Real Estate Agency Should I Sign Up with

    Ming Xuan

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc
  • I was hesitant to work with a real estate agent at first, but Daniel Poh quickly put my fears to rest. He’s incredibly patient and supportive, and took the time to walk me through every step of the process. With his help, I was able to find my dream home and close the deal in record time. I couldn’t have done it without him!

    Which Real Estate Agency Should I Sign Up with

    Cheng Yong

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc

Hands on mentorship program

Only change is certain in this world. Daniel Poh Provides a Caring Environment That Is Always Developing and Changing.

Learn Directly From Daniel Poh

We can travel great distances to impress. We must approach in order to effect.

I provide direct access to my views and individualised consultations as a District Director at PropNex Singapore and the developer of the Advice Sales Masterclass and Property Wealth Planning. My skills in branding, sales, social media, and digital marketing may help you get clarity and results in your real estate investments and career. My services are designed to advance your professional development and make you stand out in the field.

If you are struggling to bring your property business to the digital arena or have much difficulty engaging your leads towards successful conversion. I would like to invite you for a 1-to-1 coffee session with you on how you can have a consistent quality leads generated every month. Through my 5-step Sense framework, I can guarantee you a stable closing rate. This is how I managed to have my breakthrough.

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