In October, condo resales start to rise again

In October, condo resales start to rise again

SINGAPORE: October saw a little recovery in the resale-condo market, like Dunman Grand volume, and prices rose moderately for three months in a row. According to flash statistics issued on November 28th by real estate websites and SRX, prices increased by 0.4% from September to October, which is lower than the 0.8% increase in […]

How to Choose the Best Executive Condo in Singapore

Singapore, known as the Lion City, offers an amazing skyline and an excellent quality of life. Due to its cultural and financial hub status, this Southeast Asian city-state attracts families seeking success and diversity. These luxury flats may be suitable for people seeking luxury and financial responsibility.   The EC income ceiling explains the Singapore […]

How to Avoid ABSD Singapore & Own Multiple Properties

When it comes to property investments, Singapore is among the top worldwide destinations. Because of the strong economy, advances in technology, and high quality of life offered in the city-state, a large number of individuals and companies are interested in moving there.   Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty, sometimes known as ABSD, is one of the […]

Top Propnex Agent in Singapore in 2023 with 5 Star Ratings

Top Propnex agent

Congratulations! You have completed the requirements for the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) designation and are prepared to begin your career. It’s natural for a new agent to have a lot of questions and concerns; what should you do now? What agency do you think you should join? The key to making it in this industry. Don’t worry; […]

Do Part Time Agents Work in Real Estate?

Do Part Time Agents Work in Real Estate?

All the real estate agents these days seem to be making big bucks. Does survivorship bias play a role? Part-time real estate is a good idea, but is it wise? It can be tempting to consider a career in real estate. A real estate agent’s perks include flexible hours, job freedom, freedom from bosses, meeting […]

Which Real Estate Agency Should I to Become a Part Of in 2023?

Just got the encouraging news that a number of those who participated in the most recent RES exam had passed their respective tests. Big congratulations! For those who feel they need another shot, now is the time to give it another shot while your memory is still clear! Don’t throw in the towel! Recent events […]

How to Pass RES Exams in First Attempt (2023 Guide)

Pass RES Exams

RES Exams are a turning point for real estate professionals who desire to succeed in the fast-paced industry. These tests are crucial in the competitive world of professional progress, where competence is rewarded. The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in Singapore administers these tests to assess real estate salespeople’s skills.   To succeed in real […]

Accelerate Your RES Career with PropNex Joining in 2023

PropNex Joining

Join PropNex to improve your RES career through professional development and success. Our respected platform may launch your ambitions. PropNex offers many kinds of opportunities, training, and support for real estate professionals. Propnex is the best platform for making your career in real estate. With RES, you can maximize your potential, accelerate your career, and […]

How to Buy a Whole Unit for Rent in Hougang no Agent

How to Buy a Whole Unit for Rent in Hougang no Agent

Real estate investing, and particularly buying houses to be rented out, can be a profitable corporation. Hougang, is a popular and well-connected neighborhood in Singapore, with many possibilities for real estate buyers and sellers. This article will assist you in buying a rental property in Hougang without the assistance of a real estate agent. You […]

How to Buy a Master Room for Rent in Singapore no agent fee

Buy a Master Room for Rent in Singapore no agent fee

Are you thinking about making Singapore your permanent home, or at least finding a new location to live there? If that’s the case, you may be looking into renting a master room as one of your opportunities for a place to live. A master room provides a high level of comfort and luxury with its […]