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With a strong staff, central location, convenient parking, and a host of amenities, we provide the perfect environment for productivity. Elevate your workspace and enjoy the perks of starting your work day with a strategic location.


We stand out by maintaining constant communication with both PropNex salespeople and customers. The leadership is consistently available to offer valuable guidance and support to the sales team


Leveraging the Propnex Virtual Office, salespersons can effortlessly access the essential tools, resources, and policies required for effective firm management. Find easy access to transactions, income statements, and receivables at your fingertips anytime.


PropNex’s agent, tagger, and project IC commission structures are some of the most lucrative in the business. Agents at PropNex have access to extensive resources and training provided by the company.


The Analyzer smartphone app from PropNex gives you free, instantaneous access to hundreds of floorplans for upcoming projects all across the island.


We have top-tier content creators and an in-house digital marketing team, so we can help you simply create leads.


Hours of yearly training are provided at no cost to help you reach your full sales and leadership potential.

Digital Res Training


A large percentage of Singapore’s annual new launches are given to PropNex because of the company’s status as the country’s leading real estate business. Core team members, taggers, and project managers are in high demand for domestic and international projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

The PropNex SYSTEM

Innovative Tools For Real Estate Agents

Yearly investments in research and development by our company’s agents and executives are geared towards future readiness and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Propnex agent commission structure is straightforward and robust.

PropNex Business Suite Platform

Modern real estate market analysis was just made easier with the release of PropNex’s Investing Suites App and Sales Suites App.


  • Property Analysis: Instant Clarity in Your Real Estate Transactions
  • Reading the Latest Reports and News in the Real Estate Industry
  • Maintain Your Knowledge of Current Mortgage Rates
  • Use trend analysis to lead the pack in your industry.


These features aid our salespeople in providing customers with up-to-the-minute, industry-wide data before they make a major commitment.

Suite for Investment Management by PropNex

Useful for serious real estate investors and buyers.

Help your customers make educated judgements by informing them of these options:


1) Compare property performance with various indicators

You may learn more about how various asset classes perform in relation to the district or to a group of properties by using the historical trend analysis function we’ve built for our real estate data. A simple method has emerged for determining whether or not the property you’ve had your eye on has a strong relationship with investment results.


2) Find and compare important investing criteria

With the help of our Investor tool, we’ve made it simpler for investors to create a shortlist and prioritise the most important criteria when looking for investment properties. This time, we’re going to look under every rock for our dream home.


3) Predict the long-term and short-term value of properties

Determine which property types are in short supply and which are in high demand in the area or for the proposed development. When armed with such detailed information, investment decisions are much safer.


4) Find out what a place may become in the future.

With only a few mouse clicks, you can look into a property’s size, zoning, plot ratio, forthcoming land sales, and history of planning decisions to determine whether or not it has room to expand. While looking for an investment property, be sure it meets all of these criteria.

Everyone of agents may reap the rewards of the many functionalities of the PropNex Sales Suite and the PropNex Investing Suite mobile applications. It also helps you locate the best possible brand advocates for your endeavours.


5) Learn to handle projects like a pro in just a few short minutes.

In case you didn’t read anything above, here’s a quick rundown of some of our BEST Qualities:

  • Downloadable floor layouts for HDBs and condos
  • Get the latest market data in updated reports and charts
  • Automatic electronic direct mail and social media artwork is accessible for all projects.
  • Accommodating recent retail, wholesale, and institutional deals, we have revised our pricing.
  • Quick and accurate appraisals from three industry professionals are yours in under a minute, no matter the sort of property you own.


PropNex agents have access to cutting-edge tools that free them from menial activities, allowing them to devote more time to their personal lives or to more lucrative endeavours.


Daniel Poh can tell you all you need to know about our mobile applications, so make an appointment with him right now. Set up a conference call right now.

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